Hey there, I'm Leigha!

A registered Kinesiologist, certified personal trainer and holistic health and nutrition coach.

I can help because i've been there

Since my journey in the world of health and wellness began, my mission has been clear: to empower women on a lifelong path to well-being.

As a kinesiologist, I blend science-based expertise with a holistic approach, offering personalized fitness and health coaching services that transform lives.

My story started with a passion for helping women feel heard and understood in their health journeys. I recognized that many women felt left behind by traditional healthcare systems, and I knew I could make a difference. With extensive certifications in hand, I embarked on a path of becoming not just a personal trainer but a comprehensive wellness guide.

The heart of my approach is creating a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

I want my clients to feel confident in their ability to continue their wellness habits long after our time together. My practice isn’t just about muscles and food; it’s about the bigger picture, addressing factors like sleep, stress management, and supportive relationships. It’s about stretching both physically and mentally, helping my clients get 1% better every day.

I believe in honest, open communication, providing education that makes sense, and creating a safe space where there are no stupid questions. I’m here to help women of all ages and physical conditions, offering support to prepare for their healthiest years ahead.”

My favorite things


Nature is my sanctuary. Whether conquering trails, gliding down snowy slopes, or taking a leisurely neighborhood stroll, the great outdoors is where I feel most alive.

The pursuit of knowledge fuels my spirit. Whether attending workshops, delving into research, or immersing myself in a new area of expertise, the joy of learning is a constant in my life, bringing fresh insights to my coaching and training.


Traveling is a passport to new perspectives. Whether exploring vibrant cities, immersing myself in nature, or experiencing diverse cultures, the adventures of travel enrich my life and broaden my horizons.



Why We Sleep
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Chocolate, always!
Did we just become best friends?

Working with me means taking the first step towards lifelong well-being. It’s an opportunity to embrace lasting change, empowering yourself to live a healthier, more confident life.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey that blends science-based expertise with a holistic approach, I’m here to guide you. Let’s connect, discuss your goals, and discover how Stretch Everyday can help you unlock your full potential. Together, we’ll create a lifestyle, not just a quick fix.

Are you ready to take the first step? Let’s begin your wellness journey together.

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